Bar Otaku is a Japanese izakaya from Nashville chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur, Sarah Gavigan.

Just as its sister property, Otaku Ramen, was instrumental in introducing Nashville to the art of ramen, Gavigan brings another staple of Japanese food culture to Music City. True to the role of a traditional izakaya – a lively gathering place to unwind with friends after a long day’s work – Bar Otaku is a space for respite, congregation, and revelry fit for everyday eating and drinking.

The diverse menu offers approachable prices, emphasizing that all are welcome whether looking for a post-work round of drinks, weeknight dinner with friends, or place to end a night out. The relaxed and inviting atmosphere reflects Gavigan’s cherished memories frequenting izakayas during her almost two decades of living in Los Angeles. She’s excited to bring that same experience to Nashville, inspiring a sense of community with welcoming, nurturing dishes.